Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So often we pretend we're not stuck- not stuck in our writing, not stuck in our ruts, not stuck in the middle of a crisis. We pretend we're okay, at least around most of the people we know, and sometimes within ourselves. How many times do you say "I'm okay," when asked how you are? Even if things suck and you want to cry or throw a toaster across the room or hide in bed for a year? Wouldn't it be nice to be honest around everyone? We should feel more comfortable saying "I'm not okay," and getting a brief but heartfelt hug from a friend or acquaintance. It would help us all, at least a little, and bond us. We need to trust that people can handle honesty and respond with compassion. They can look into our eyes and say they feel for us. They can let us know they understand. And once in a while, they can unhook our claws from the curtain.

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